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Hearing before the Michigan Board of Election Canvassers to Certify the 2008 General Election.

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Forms Filed Michigan Supreme Court

Motion for a Subpoena

Brief in Support of Motion for a Subpoena

Declined Subpoena to see Judge Kevin Cronin’s bank statements in his campaign finance account. It was declined by “mzb”, or Judge Margaret Z. Bakker, the Chief Judge of Allegan County.

Declined Motion for a Subpoena by Michigan Court of Appeals appealed to the Michigan Supreme Court to see the bank statements of the Honorable Marget Z. Bakker’s campaign finance account.

I cannot give legal advice, but you can print these out and give them to your legal adviser. Good luck!

Formulas for Corruption

By Pat Foster

Election corruption:

The Help America Vote Act of 2002 (HAVA) “creates new mandatory minimum standards for states to follow in several key areas of election administration. The law provides funding to help states meet these new standards, replace voting systems and improve election administration.”  That is a direct quote from the U.S. Election Assistance Commission.

The existing tabulators that counted the ballots correctly were replaced with new tabulators that also counted the ballots correctly, but the totals could be changed through modems that were part of the new tabulators. On election day, the county clerk could sit in their office and connect to every tabulator in every precinct using the telephone lines. See WMNC Michigan Elections to the right were Joyce Watts, the Allegan County Clerk admitted that she went into each tabulator by a telephone connection after it had been tested and sealed. This was recently corroborated by the Intercept that had highly secret information leaked to it regarding Bluetooth technology being used by the Russians to help Trump win the 2016 General Election. We are now in a situation were the Russian government has more say over our election process than our own votes.

While this new system of cheating the vote limited the number of election workers needed to do it, there remained a new problem. Under HAVA, the only provision to audit the new systems was if someone requested a recount. After the 2008 General Election, there was a recount between two candidates for the Circuit Court seat in Allegan County, Mr. William Bailargeon, who had so many volunteers he had the maximum of two per table. He lost to Mr. Cronin, who only had one volunteer, who counted none of the ballots, but his mother was Joyce Watts. She not only had access to the tabulators on election day, but under HAVA was given the authority to secure the ballot containers from the date of the request for the recount to the date of the actual recount. Seals had been placed by the election workers at various precincts on the ballot containers loosely, so that they could be cut and the ballots could be changed to agree with the official totals.

While much of this information was given to judges and justices within the Michigan Court system, they did absolutely nothing with it indicating strongly that they are complicit with the election corruption. The Trump election can be verified by any Michigan resident who does a FOIA request to see the ballots. My audit forced the Attorney General, Mike Cox, to issue an AG Opinion # 7247 allowing anyone to see the ballots after the election has been certified using the Freedom of Information Act. You cannot request to see them and then give the clerk a week to put it together, otherwise they will change it on you.

Elected official corruption:

On May 31, 2017, the Michigan Supreme Court denied my motion for a subpoena to see the bank statements of Judge Kevin Cronin’s public bank account for his campaign finance account. The Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) allows the public to see all public documents, except those that are specifically exempted under the act. “Records of  a campaign committee including a committee that receives money from a state campaign fund” are specifically exempted under MCL 15.243.

The Michigan Supreme Court is the last in a long line of my actions as a litigant to see the campaign finance accounts of judges and justices who were assessing me sanctions in my efforts to stop both my township and two men who were working with them to flood me out of my house. I figured there must be something wrong when I am showing pictures and videos that they refuse to look at. The first judge was Kevin Cronin, the winner of the 2008 recount with William Bailargeon. He assessed me $44,000 in sanctions saying that my case was frivolous. See Intimidation of an Election Auditor to the right.

I used the Michigan Court Rules MCR 2.310(D) Request to Produce to a Non-party six times to the following judges and justices, which gives them 14 days to produce or you can file a motion to compel them to produce:

Judge                             # of times __       Response

Judge Kevin Cronin             2                  No   response

Motion to Compel               2          Denied motion & recused himself on second motion prior to the hearing date.

Motion to Compel before the Michigan Appellate Court Denied

Motion for a subpoena before the Michigan Supreme Court was denied

Requests to Produce for 3 Justices of the Michigan Court of Appeals:

Douglas B. Shapiro             1                 No response

Deborah A. Servitto            1                 No response

Joel P. Hoekstra (Does not have a campaign finance account)                                         1                 No response

Motions to compel all three justices         Denied

Motion for a subpoena to see Judge Cronin’s bank statements for his campaign finance account denied by the Michigan Supreme Court (MSC)

Judge Margaret Bakker       1                  No response  

Motion for a subpoena before the Michigan Court of Appeals denied by that court and appealed to the MSC

Under Forms filed on this page with the Michigan Supreme Court, I use an instrument of formal logic developed by the Greek Philosopher Aristotle called a syllogism, defined as an argument of a form containing a major premise and a minor premise connected with a middle term and a conclusion:

1. All elected officials have a secret financial accounts that can be used for illegal gains.

2. Elected officials who have illegal gains will attempt to keep anyone from seeing their secret accounts.

3. Judges Bakker and Cronin are both elected officials who have tried to keep me from seeing their secret accounts, therefore they have something illegal in their accounts that may affect my case.

If the the first two parts of the syllogism are true, then the 3rd part is also true.

The Michigan Freedom of Information Act was passed in 1976, and became effective by mid 1977. The graph to the right shows that was just about the time we started down the road to becoming the largest police state in the world. Is it stretching the truth to say that the two are connected, and our legal system is now getting kickbacks into their secret campaign finance accounts from private prisons and jails. In 2008, there was a Kids for Cash Scandal were two judges from Wilkes Barre, PA were sentenced to prison for doing just that.

We now have the White House wanting to privatize everything in our country. Could this be just a ploy to sell everything we paid for over the years for less than fair market value to people who will kick back into these secret accounts?                                                                                                                                                       

Judicial Corruption gives you documents that you can use to find out if your judge or justice is taking money for decisions. I give a complete background of the actions I have been taking, and the judges and justices are running away from it. See bottom of page for Supreme Court Filings for a Subpoena to the judges bank for their campaign finance bank statements. If greatly over $1,000, the judge has a problem.

Government Crimes shows how people in government can use all of the resources at their disposal to go after you including committing felonies against you without any retribution to them.

Elections gives you the facts that shows you the formula for governments theft of elections in our country. The Help America Vote Act (HAVA) passed in 2003 took the theft away from the election workers by putting out new tabulators that count the vote but are connected by modem to the County Clerk’s office. The clerks can then connect to the tabulators on election day and change the totals to anything they want it to be. Your vote has very little meaning. HAVA only allows for an audit if there is a recount requested, like Jill Stein, the Green Party candidate did here in Michigan. The same clerks who had the ability to change the vote, now have control of the ballots to the day of the recount. A federal judge ruled against Dr. Stein, because there is no way they can change that many ballots before a recount.

           Declaration of Compliance            with the U.S. Constitution

      We the people of the United States of America give notice to the government that we will run our own elections without government interference in compliance with Article II, Section 1 of the U.S. Constitution.

Click here to be included as a person giving notice to your government that the private sector needs to run their own elections free from government interference.


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