Police vehicles outside a precinct on election day intimidating minority voters.

Government Declares War on

Pat Foster

On August 23, 2009, I led four groups of volunteers in Allegan County to see and photograph the ballots from the 2008 General Election, where there was a recount in a judges race and 53% of the precincts requested could not be counted. (See video to the right) Four and half months later, two men purchased the property across the street from my house on January 10, 2010 sight unseen. Their names where John Benson and John Kluessendorf, and someone was handling them with the intent to do me as much harm as possible. They soon became known by the Allegan County Sheriff’s Department and the Michigan State Police Troopers as the “John Johns”.

The pictures at the right were taken at my home during the Thanksgiving holiday of 2010. They appeared to be very nice gentlemen, and I had invited them to my house to meet my friends. Karen Wellman, a very good friend later stated in an affidavit signed August 28, 2012 about that evening. “I remember that evening clearly as Pat was so pleased that it appeared that he had some delightful new neighbors. The new neighbors welcomed Pat’s gestures of friendship and hospitality. We had a wonderful Thanksgiving celebration....”

I to this date remember something that bothered me from that holiday party. Their house was not on the water, and mine was, so I offered them to keep a boat tied up at my pier if they wanted to have a boat. They looked at each other with an expression that screamed: Oh no, he has no idea why we are here. I was soon to find out exactly what that expression meant.

The horror that follows is true horror. Real horror is not monsters and zombies, it is when all that you have believed in all your life about government and others is completely trashed. That you were able to live all these years and not see the true horror around you.

These two gentlemen proceeded to do everything possible to intimidate me with the help of Cindy Yonkers, the Ganges Township Clerk. They took a large paved  private road in front of their house, took the gravel off of it, and put a fence out into the roadway making it very difficult for both myself and my good friend Blanche Hudson along with two other lot owners on Mallard Street. Where the fence juts in off the street, was away from both Ms Hudson’s property and my property which is immediately across the street from Blanche’s property.

 When they placed the fence out into the gravel road, Ms Yonkers was there with them after I caught my bumper on it as I was backing out of Blanche’s garage. This happened the morning before I was to take Blanche in for biopsy surgery on her throat to determine if her cancer was gone.

Government looked at their actions with a blind eye, while they continued to file Personal Protection Orders  against me. Finally, we filed a civil suit against them for three issues. First, they did not have an easement to use the private road they just placed a fence on. Second, they placed a fence on a road that had been there and laid out by the original developers of our platted community and the adjacent parcel that the defendants property was on. Third, They took a storm drain in front of their house that was placed there in the late sixties when the developer built the roads, and completely filled it in with clay and soil. They then planted trees in it. When that did not completely stop the water they placed a dam in front of a drain tile going under their driveway that consisted of plastic bags and large stones. They also placed a dam of large stones right where the water comes out of Blanche’s drain tile going under her driveway. Both dams resulted in trespass both on Blanche’s and my properties of the storm water that naturally flowed through the storm drain to the wetlands and channel at the east end of Mallard Street.

These are actions taken by two men contrary to all civil law, and they were accepted by a court system that had the intention of destroying me financially because of my actions in helping people to resolve their problems with governments through elections.

The following criminal charges were brought against these two men and Ganges Township were given to the Michigan State Police who refused to send them to the prosecutor, so they are now before Michigan’s Attorney General with no reply since they were received in late March of this year:

Ganges Township violations of MCL’s 750.157a and 750.248b. Max penalties 8 and 14 years respectively.

John Benson creating false evidence and perjuring himself under oath in court. MCL’s 750.248 and MCL 750.422 14 years and 8 years respectively.

John Benson with multiple counts of perjury under direct examination by the Court. MCL 750.422 perjury under oath in court, multiple counts Max 8 years/count.

John Kluessendorf intimidating potential witnesses, an 88 year old man and his wife, 84 years old. MCL 750.122(3), Max 4 years.

        John Benson                   John Kluessendorf

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