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Judicial Corruption

Judicial Corruption in the

 the United States

Why is it important for you to understand for you to understand how the legal system works? First you need to ask yourself why people need governments? Why did they accept dictatorships run by royal families?

Governments generally consist of three branches, the Administrative, the Legislative, and the Judiciary. All three branches of government are established around a system of laws that large groups of people need to live by. We call it the “Rule of Law.”

The word “communism” was first used during the French Revolution, and it did not mean that the poor were equal to the wealthy. It was originally used to mean that people will be treated equally under the law. As history has shown us, when that fails, people revolt.

The judiciary represents the highest level of government, because of the trust the citizens place in it. No other member of government is addressed as “your honor,” only the judiciary.

In 2008, two judges from Lucerne County, PA. were sent to prison for taking money for sentencing juveniles to reformatory. See youtube documentary below:

Michigan Laws

MCL 169.224   

Part (5) Allows judges and justices to not file campaign finance reports if they do not expect to receive $1,000 or more in contributions. The Secretary of State (SOS) sends a letter certifying the waiver of filing Letter to the candidate committee of Deborah Servito, Appellate Court Justice in Grand Rapids states: “it does not exempt the committee from maintaining detailed records..” It additionally makes the following statement regarding the $1,000 maximum threshold: “Funds leftover from one election count toward the ‘amount received’ for the next election.”

Each judge or justice is required to maintain an organization statement with the Secretary of State. Michigan’s search for judges or justices starts with placing the last name of the person you are looking for in their Candidate Committee Search engine.

Judicial Candidates such as Deborah Servitto can be researched through Ballotpedia. She was appointed to the Court of Appeals by former Governor Jennifer Granholm on March 14, 2006. She was elected to a full six year term the following November. She gained a waiver to file her campaign finance reports on October 26, 2006. On her pre-general contribution report for 2002 she showed total contributions received of $43,450 of which $16,150 or 37% were from attorneys and law firms. After the 2002 General Election, she has served 10 years as a judge or justice without ever filing a campaign finance report under the $1,000 waiver rule under MCL 169.224(5). She is not an exception, but the rule. Are these judges and justices taking money for decisions?

MCL 169.224(8) allows judges and justices to retire or lose their position through an election, and do no accounting of what is in their bank account for campaign contributions as long as they have no debts outstanding. Since this is a public account, there is no federal or state income taxes on it. The Freedom of Information Act, MCL 15.243(r) makes “records of a campaign committee” exempt so you cannot use the only law allowing citizens to see it. We now have a strong possibility that judges and justices can be taking money for decisions. The Michigan Supreme Court by denying a Motion for a Subpoena to see the bank account of Judge Cronin.

Prove the Theory

Since I did my audit of the 2008 General Election in Allegan County, I have had more than my fair share of run-ins with the judiciary. This whole website is dedicated in one respect or another to fight to stay alive. Most people would have been wiped out, except they did not expect my ability to deal with law. Following is a list of filings I have done both at the Circuit Court level in Allegan County, the Court of Appeals in Grand Rapids, and the Michigan Supreme Court in Lansing, Michigan:

Circuit Court, Judge Kevin Cronin:

Civil suit against defendants for flooding me out:

3/11/16 Request for Judge Cronin to Produce Campaign Finance Reports under MCR 2.310(D).

4/1/16  Motion to Compel under MCR 2.310(D)(4). Brief in Support of Motion to Compel.   

4/18/16 Sua Sponte Order denying my Motion to Compel.

5/21/16 Motion to Compel before the Court of Appeals and supporting brief.

Petition  for a Writ of Mandamus against Ganges Township for flooding me out:

4/22/16 Request to Produce     

5/23/16 Motion to Compel with Hearing set for 6/13/16.

6/9/16 Judge Cronin called defendants’ attorneys and I to special hearing were he disqualified himself. This was the first time in the 8 years he was on the bench that he ever disqualified himself.              

10/14/16 After not being able to find another judge to take the case, Chief Judge Margaret Z. Bakker assigned it back to Judge Cronin with a pre-trial hearing set for 11/23/16.

10/17/16 Judge Cronin filed an Amended Disqualification stating that he was “personally biased or prejudiced against” me. He requested that Judge Bakker take it.

11/9/16 I requested that Judge Bakker sign a subpoena to Judge Cronin’s bank for copies of his campaign finance bank statements for the last 3 years. She returned it to me with the following inscription “Declined - mzb 11/16/16” A good friend of mine, a semi-retired attorney from Chicago looked at it and said that was the first subpoena he had ever seen declined.

Civil Suit before the Michigan Supreme Court in an Appeal by Leave:

12/5/2016 I filed a Motion for a Subpoena and a brief in support with the Michigan Supreme Court.

Connection Between the Prison Incarceration Rate and the Laws that allow Judges and Justices to hide Their Campaign Finance Statements

Checking the history of both MCL 169.224 and MCL 15.243(r) at the bottom of each law there is a section called history. MCL 169.224 was passed in 1976, and became effective June 1, 1977. MCL 15.243 was passed in 1976, and became effective April 13, 1977. The graph on incarceration in our country shows a dramatic increase in the prison and jail populations right after those laws became effective.

Jails and prisons subsequent to that date became privatized, so kickbacks to judges and justices could be made into those campaign finance accounts as was proven by the Kids of Cash scheme shown above in a video documentary.

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