Legal Filings

        I have kept very good records on what has happened in the last three years of legal filings. I now present them to you as many have asked to see them and to keep copies of them. All documents are in pdf formats and can be saved by you. I learned a lot of civil and criminal law in the last three years. You will find my filings to be easy to read. The Chief Justice of the Michigan Court of Appeals (COA) complimented me on writing excellent briefs.

Personal Protection Orders before Judge Margaret Z. Bakker:

Petitioner’s filings

John Benson

Respondent’s filings

Pat Foster

Transcripts & Orders


First PPO May 4, 2012

Motion to Terminate PPO


June 25, 2012 Motion Hearing set up Evidentary Hearing

Transcripts 6-25-12

Evidentary Hearing Feb. 6, 2013

Transcripts 2-6-13

Transcripts 2-27-13

Video  2-6-13

Video 2-27-13

Michigan Court of Appeals Appeal by Right Brief    Filed August 6, 2013

Oral Argument 2-11-15

COA Decision

Motion to Show Cause for Violating the PPO

Answers to Motion to Show Cause  5-8-13     


Second PPO Filed   5-24-13      

Motion to Terminate 6-12-13   heard on 8-6-13       

Motion for Summary Disposition 6-28-13

Transcripts 8-15-13   Issues 1,3-5,7,9,11, 14-16 Transcripts 11-27-13

Motion to VacateFile: Complete Motion to Vacate.pdf     12-3-13        

Hearing 1-27-14 All motions denied

Video 1-27-14

Court of Appeals Brief           Filed appeal 12-3-13







Complaint filed 10-11-13

Answer 11-12-13

Motion for Change of Venue       

Transcripts  4-7-14

 Video 4-7-14

Pre-Trial Hearing

Transcripts  5-15-14

Video 5-15-14

Answers to Interrogatories      

Answers to Order to Compel

Request to produce interrogatories                   

    Order to Compel

Answer to Motion

Supplements Brief

Motion for Security for Costs      

Supporting Brief

Transcript 6-23-14             

Transcript 7-30-14

Court Order              

Bond Posted


Video 7-30-14



Statement to the Court

Motion for Partial Sum Disp      

Supporting Brief  

Transcripts 9-25-14           

Interlocutory Appeal filed with the COA 10-31-14

Michigan Court of Appeals denied appeal 3-10-15 and it was to be heard on a final appeal by right.

Motion and Brief for a Stay of Proceedings 11-14-14   Objection filed to writing the order under the 7 Day Rule  COA Motion and Brief       COA Defective Notice              

Defendants Answer dated 1-21-15, received by plaintiffs 2-5-15

Transcripts 1-26-15         Circuit Court  Order            COA Court Denial

Motion to Compel Defendants to tell us who is paying their legal fees          10-16-14

COA Interlocutory Appeal       12-29-14

Answer     10-23-14

  Transcripts 11-3-14              


Video 11-3-14



Motion for Summary Disposition           

   Transcripts 5-11-15

   File: SD Order.pdfCourt Order                                  


Video 5-11-15

Court of Appeals


Reply to Answer       

Motion and Brief for Peremtory Reversal

 Answer to Brief

 Motion to Disqualify

 Brief in Support



   Transcripts 3-30-15  

  Order Denying Motion                                            

 Video 3-30-15


 Appeal to Chief Judge, Margaret Z. Bakker  

Brief in Support of Appeal     Affidavit in Support                          

  Answers to Appeal

  Transcripts 4-24-15    

   Court Order 7 Day Rule


Video 4-24-15


Request to see Court's Campaign Contributions

 Motion for Attorney Fees and Costs   

Attorney’s Affidavit

Heard on March 8, 2016

Transcripts 3-8-16       

 Counter Motion for Attorney Fees

Brief in Support

Affidavit - Hudson

Affidavit - Foster

Heard on March 8, 2016

Civil Suit against the Intimidators before Judge Kevin Cronin

Pre-Trial Hearing.wmv7-30-14.wmvMotion to Compel.wmvSummary Disposition3.wmvDisqualify Hearing.wmvMotion for Change of Venue.wmv

Deposed Transcripts

Attachments and Supplemental Information

Rex Felker - Road Contractor for 20 years (Def)

Exhibit 1 - Mallard St.                                         

Exhibit  2 - Drainage Ditch

Exhibit 3 - Fence in Mallard Street

Tasha Smalley - Ganges Township Zoning Adim (Def)

Complete attachments   Clear View Photogrphs       

Cindy Yonkers - Ganges Township Clerk (Def)

Exhibits 2 - Defendants' Storm Drain Before & After

Exhibits 4 - Road and fence

Exhibits 6 - Storm drains & Current situation

Exhibit 7 - Aerial View of Plaintiff Hudson's house in 1992

Blanche Hudson 8-26-14 Panic Attack (Def)

Blanche Hudson includes attachments 11-5-14 (Def)  

John Benson (Plaintiffs)

Weather for Holland December, 2009   -   January, 2010

John Kluessendorf (Plaintiffs)

Snow proofs for Fennville contradict defendants' testimony: Dec 2009    First half of Jan 2010

Motion to Vacate low quality.wmv 2-6-13 LQ.wmv 2-27-13 LQ.wmv

Related cases:

A. Pat Foster & Daniel Roberts v Richard Saputo, Roger Dangermond, Arlen Ward Dangermond, and Erving R Dangermond, deceased

             1. Complaint filed May 16, 2000    

             2. Answer to Complaint filed June 14, 2000

             3. Defendants’ Brief in support of Motion for Summary Disposition

             4. Stipulated Order of Dismissal

B. Boersma, etal v Mary Pat Foster Decision dated January 18, 2005 - Court Decision


Intimidators place rocks & a plastic bag in front a drain tile resulting in water being diverted my property

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