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Update on Auditor Intimidation

By Pat Foster, Election Auditor

The final part is the civil suit against the two intimidators that purchased the property across the street from my property, and proceeded to place a fence into a physical road they did not have an easement to use. They then completely filled in a storm drain with dirt restricting the flow of storm water across their property so that it would flood my property. That did not cause enough damage, so they placed a dam where the water comes onto their property both damaging Ms Hudson’s and my properties along with the private road.

The courts ruled against me in two Personal Protection Orders one of these men placed against me, and now a civil suit to get them to stop flooding my property, the court has ruled against me on every motion including a Motion for the Court to Disqualify Itself based on an abuse of discretion for not complying with the Land Division Act of 1967, while the Courts’  decisions had the affect of aiding and abetting felons’ in the completion of their crime. The case was appealed to the Chief Judge, Margaret Z. Bakker, and under Caperton v Massey, my “extraordinary circumstance” linked to an abuse of discretion was the crime committed by Ganges Township conspiring with the developers to circumvent the Land Division Act of 1967.

Currently the Court has decided that I owe approximately $44,000 because my case was frivolous. Since I lost everything else, I filed a Request for the Court to Produce it’s Campaign Finance Reports under MCR 2.310(D). They refused to comply.

Your Legal System - How Campaign Finance Law interacts with the Freedom of Information Act to give judges & justices a tax free account to take payments for decisions.

Police State - Judges & Justices Campaign Finance accounts can be used to take kickbacks from prisoners being incarcerated. The poor do time, the middle class pays through the nose.

Intimidation of an Election Auditor #3

Is Judge Cronin just blind and ignorant when he sees pictures of dams placed in the storm drain by the defendants Benson & Kluessendorf?

Intimidation of an Election Auditor #2

The Court hears testimony from John T. Benson that was from an incident that he videotaped and we subpoenaed showing that he perjured himself under direct questioning by the Court.

Benson & Kluessendorf assault Blanche Hudson with cameras after returning from Houston, Texas where the Burzynski Clinic saved her life with terminal cancer. The assault was because he alleged that we had driven over a small portion of the gravel road he claimed was his, but used for over 40 years.

Judge Cronin Refuses To

Comply With a Request To

Produce His Campaign Finance

Statements (Public Document)


In a U.S. Supreme Court Case, Caperton v Massey, the court found two things that could disqualify a judge. First, there is an abuse of discretion which is defined by Black’s Law dictionary as “an adjudicator’s failure to exercise sound, reasonable, and legal-decision-making.” When a court refuses to comply with the state laws that they take an oath to uphold, that automatically becomes an abuse of discretion.

The second factor in determining whether or not a judge can be disqualified was an extraordinary circumstance, and in the Caperton case that was campaign finance contributions to a judge or justices campaign. Under Michigan law, judges and justices do not have to file campaign reports to the Secretary of State like other elected officials. The Michigan legislators went one step further by making campaign contributions an exception under the Freedom of Information Act, thereby blocking the backdoor to those accounts creating a major conflict of interest that would be to corrupt even a judge.

In 2008, two judges in Pennsylvania in the Kids for Cash Scandal were convicted of taking money for sentencing children to incarceration in youth centers for kickbacks. It is not just possible for judges to be corrupt, it is very probable with the laws we have in this state.

Judge Cronin in our civil suit refused to comply with the Land Division Act of 1967, thereby aiding and abetting Ganges Township in their conspiracy against the lot owners within my subdivision. I filed a Petition for a Writ of Mandamus to force Ganges Township to comply with the Land Division Act of 1967. Judge Cronin, was picked to hear that petition. After Judge Cronin refused to produce his campaign finance statements in our civil suit citing that the case was over even though he wrote an order against me after rejecting my Motion to Compel himself, I filed a second Request to Produce his campaign finance statements immediately after filing my Petition for a Writ of Mandamus. Once Ganges Township responded to my petition, I filed a Motion for Judge Cronin to Compel Himself to Produce His Campaign Finance Statements a second time.

A Judges campaign finance reports are public documents. While the State Legislators say they do not have to file them with the Secretary of State for public inspection, they are still required to have them. It becomes very questionable exactly what Judge Cronin has been depositing to this bank account. We intend to find out even if we have to appeal it to the U.S. Supreme Court. It is not just Judge Cronin, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled against this sort of thing in Caperton because of a nation wide of judicial discretion.

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