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Personal Protection Order


        Picture yourself living your normal life and in the process you try to do something to make life a little bit better for the world where you live. You audit elections, and you become an enemy to the people who want to control those elections. In legal terms, that person is a called a “Person of Interest”, or PI for short. This PI controls all three branches of government and has the power to go after any one of you, just as this PI came after me.

        On August 23, 2009, I put together four groups of Allegan County citizens to go to 18 different townships and cities to request under the Freedom of Information Act to see and photograph the ballots from the 2008 General Election. On January 10, 2010, two men purchased the house across the street from my house, and adjacent to my close friend, Blanche Hudson’s property. Under deposition, these two men claimed to have come once in December of 2009 to look for property, found this location, and came back in January to close on the purchase. Each time they claimed to have stayed at the Douglas Dunes Motel, and I have contacts there that show that their only reservations were once in January, 2010 from the 5th to the 10th. Their house was purchased sight unseen.

        They were extremely pleasant to me for a year and half leading me to believe they were wonderful neighbors, and then they completely filled in the drainage ditch in front of their house which would flood my property. I asked why he did that? His answer was “I don’t want to talk about it.”     

         This all happened in late September, 2011, and I had a bumper crop of tomatoes that I was turning into tomato sauce. While I was doing that the intimidators were filing false police reports accusing me of running over their trees, and then asking the police officers not to talk to me. Meanwhile I hired Attorney Mike Villar to send them a letter giving them notice under the drain code to free up the existing drain.    

The Intimidatiors took storm debri from their yard and placed it in my driveway, then attempted to find me in Criminal Contempt of Court for not cleaning it all up.

Drain in front of intimidators’ house when it was purchased by them.

Mallard Street Private Road - Intimidators’ as it was when they purchased property

Assault and Battery on Blanche Hudson

Drain after intimidators filled it in with dirt and planted evergreens in it.

Benson’s Personal Protection Order Complaint Number:

VI. We were sitting on our front patio when Foster backed the truck and trailer down the road. Before turning to park the trailer in the yard, Foster got out of the truck and looked at our markers and landscaping we positioned to prepare to fence our yard for our dog.

She then deliberately and intentionally turned and backed her truck over the marker and onto our property. While we watched all of this Hudson came out and joined Foster in the street in front of our house, called us “a..holes,” both with their middle fingers extended. Foster said “common, come here.” We documented all of this on film and went into the house concerned with why this began again within 10 minutes of their return.

Allegan County Sheriff Complaint # 5056-12 (4-23-12)

Officer Greene of the Allegan County Sheriff’s Department had seen all the video that was taken by both Kluessendorf and Benson that day, and filed a very negative report with a misleading quote in his police report. Officer Greene did not allow me to address my accuser, “I did not make contact with MARY FOSTER. At this time this report is for informational purposes only and no charges will be sought.” I filed a complaint (5-16-13) with the Allegan County Sheriff’s Department of Internal Affairs. I never received a response from them. “Silence”  is defined in the Black’s Law Legal Dictionary as “a failure to reveal something required by law to be revealed”.

In September of 2012 after Blanche Hudson completed her cancer treatments, I attempted to file multiple police reports against Mr. Benson and Mr. Kluessendorf with Sergeant Detective Matt Doan of the Michigan State Police. He was so frightened he did not even stop to go into his office with them to look them over. He stood out in the Wayland Post entry way and told me he would not even give me a police report on any of them. If I wanted to do anything, I could file a Personal Protection Order against these two gentlemen. The following complaints were given to Sergeant Detective Matt Doan that day in September, 2012:

  1. Assault on Blanche Hudson (4-23-12)
  2. False Police Report Regarding Property Stake (2-21-12) This report could have been corroborated by a 84 year old lady who lived behind the defendants’ house. It was later discovered that the day after I spoke to her, Mr. Kluessendorf went up to their house and made threatening accusations against her, her husband, and her daughter. At a Motion to Show Cause Hearing on 11-27-13, pages 60 -64, I requested from the Court to right to ask Mr. Kluessendorf if he had threatened a potential witness. The Court refused my request, because he had been questioned by my attorney at a earlier hearing in August, who did not ask him that question.
  3. Entering and Breaking (1-3-12)    David Van der Velden witness report
  4. Stalking by Benson & Kluessendorf
David Van der Velden.wmv

Camera on Benson’s house aimed at Foster’s driveway

Every window in Benson’s house in the front has mirrors that see in every direction.

Camera aimed at my yard

One of numerous photos taken of me in my own yard by intimidators

Quote from Pat Foster’s Answer to Petitioner Benson’s 2nd Motion to Show Cause for Violating a probation: “On April 10, 2013, petitioner filed a Motion to Show Cause for Violating the Ex Parte PPO for such disrespectful actions as not cleaning up all of the storm debris from their yard that they placed in my driveway. Their actions of threatening a potential witness, perjury on the stand, false statements on petitions, etc. all go by the wayside with a blind eye and a deaf ear by this Court. I have been placed in a constant loop of TRO’s (Temporary Restraining Orders) and probation that gives to someone who is possibly criminally insane  complete control over his victim by a system that is very angry about my work on elections in our country.”


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