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PPO Complaint VI

V. Foster has frightened and harassed us by initially directing three extremely intense floodlights at three sides of our house illuminating every room in the house. She began this on Feb. 3, 2012 and continued for six weeks through Mar. 12, 2012. We can’t sleep. These lights go on and off all night long. She initially placed two of the floodlights on Hudson’s property then added a third. Foster has gone up the hill behind Hudson’s property at various times of the day and night to peer into our windows and position the lights. This is a very unsettling feeling having someone staring into your home. She has flooded every room in our house with light. We were forced to cover all our windows at night with cardboard, blinds and room darkening curtains. [Note: our house and Hudson’s house is positioned at an angle to the lot lines so that if one walked up the hill behind Hudson’s house, they would end up behind our house].

[Attachment VI]: Allegan County Sheriff Complaint # 1716-12 (February 4, 2012)

Answer: Ms. Hudson and I go to Florida every winter for a few weeks usually after the holidays. We packed up our travel trailer, and left for Florida on the day after Christmas, December 26, 2011. I placed a security camera in some evergreens to take pictures of people coming onto my property before I left, and I hired Mr. Van der Velden to watch my house, water the plants both in our house and in an attached small greenhouse. While I was away, Mr. Van der Velden had called me and said that someone had walked through the snow and gone into my greenhouse, and then went up behind my house to the trailer pad by my storage shed . I thought it was another friend of mine who was checking the gas heater in the greenhouse to make sure it was still going so I would not loose my plants. On return I checked with my friend, and he never went around the back of my house. Whoever made those tracks damaged my greenhouse, and walked up to the front of John Benson’s house.

While we were away, Blanche Hudson started to loose her voice. I was concerned that this was directly related to her smoking, and we came back around mid January. I checked my camera and found the following photographs:

Photograph taken of Mr. Benson’s leashed dog Arthur on 12-27-2011, the morning after I left on vacation. I had filed a complaint with the Allegan County Drain Commission in early November. The day after Mr. Benson was checking out my property to make sure I was not home, the Drain Department came and filed a very damaging report that I was not able to object to in person. This told me that he was working with Allegan County to hurt me as much as possible.

Photograph of my friend, David Van der Velden on Jan. 3, 2012 around 1 p.m. going back to his truck. Over his head are footprints in the snow heading right up to the the front door of Mr. Benson’s house across the cement pad where I keep my travel trailer parked until my new neighbors put a fence in the road limiting my ability to park my trailer.

Whoever had made those tracks in the snow had kicked out the plastic door panel of my greenhouse breaking the corner bracket. I filed a criminal report on the incident with Sergeant Detective Matt Doan of the Michigan State Police, and he refused to even give me a police report on it, let alone forwarding it to the Allegan County Prosecutor for potential prosecution.

I was well aware that government was after me, and intended to hurt to hurt me at any cost. My question at this point was who hired these men to do these things to me?

[Attachment V111] Michigan State Patrol Complaint # 52-1362-12(February 21, 2012)

In the survey on the right, MS. Hudson’s property is “B”, while the defendants’ property is “C”. The defendants placed metal stakes between parcels to mark their property line between Ms. Hudson’s property and their own. It is a straight line. After we came back from vacation, I noticed that those stakes went in a straight line for about 60% of the distance going up the hill behind the houses. Then the stakes veered off and went onto Ms Hudson’s property. It was obviously on Ms. Hudson’s property, because the stakes did not continue in a straight line. At about 80% up the hill I pulled out a stake that was at a point looking down on Ms Hudson’s garage, & it should have been looking down on Benson’s house.

Approximately the end of May, 2012, I had a survey done by Nederveld, Inc. To establish the straight line. They confirmed it, and after that survey I went up and spoke to a retired couple, Arthur and Ida, who live behind Ms. Hudson’s and the defendants’ properties. Ida had corroborated my testimony. She saw the defendants’ corner property stake about 25’ on Ms. Hudson’s property as early as September, 2011. He was 88 and she was 84 years old. Both were afraid to testify or do an affidavit. In February of 2013 during my Motion to Terminate, I called them and got a hold of their daughter. She told me that the day after I spoke to them, Mr. Kluessendorf came up to their front door and threatened them.

On November 27, 2013 at a Motion to Show Cause Hearing, I asked the Court to question Mr. Kluessendorf about his possible threatening of a potential witness. (Pages 60 -64) The Court denied my request.

Light on Defendants’ House

On February 6, 2013, Mr. Benson testified regarding the light on his house as follows: Pg 5, “Q. Is this a fair depiction of what it looked like at night in your home?

A. Yes. It is.

Q. And this is the --photograph of the side of the house being illuminated.

A. Right.

Q. Now, tell me what the windows are; what rooms do they lead to?

A. That’s the bedroom window upstairs and the hallway upstairs. This is on the back of the house.

Q. Back of the house.

A. Yes.

Q. Is that your bedroom?

A. No. The bedroom is the--there’s--it doesn’t show on this picture, right next to the window that you see here.

Q. Okay.

A. So it lit the entire back of the house.

Q Did it shine in--did it shine into your bedroom?

A. Absolutely.

Photograph used in evidence

Photograph cropped around the pipe coming out of the house. Ms Hudson’s property is to the left of the pipe, yet the shadow is distinctly on the left side indicating that the light source was not from her property. The picture and the light source are close together.

Police report [Attachment VI] Officer Greene, 2/4/12  “The lights shown on an American flag in the front yard, and a random spot in the woods in the rear yard, approximately fifty to sixty yards from MR KLUESSENDORF”S residence.

Pat Foster’s testimony (transcript 2-27-13) pg's 66 -67:

“Q. You testified on direct that you put these lights out for security purposes.

A. That’s correct.

Q. Why would you put them on your neighbor’s house and not perhaps--

A. I--

Q. --For example, on the street?

A. --I told you. I didn’t put them on their house. I put them on the boundary that they were crossing when they were moving these boundary stakes.”

Pg's 68 - 69

“A. I took special care to make sure the lights weren’t directly on their house.

Q. Okay. If that is true, then, how do you--how do you explain the fact that their lights are directly on their house? In fact, Mr. Benson testified on--shining into their bedroom window.

A. I don’t know.

Q. Okay.

A. I can’t answer that.”

    At that time I did not have the above facts. These facts can be presented to the Michigan State Police in violation of MCL 750.422 Perjury committed in courts subjecting Mr. Benson to not more than 15 years in prison. Considering the terrible toll he has taken on Ms. Hudson and myself, he should be given the maximum. This is not the only charge we have.

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