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Lee Township, Election Day 2008 Primary

Police car parked outside to frighten Mexicans from voting

Trooper Theodore

August 23, 2016, there was an extremely heavy rainfall in Allegan County where we got several inches of rain in the matter of a couple of hours. My driveway completely blocked up with sand and stones from our gravel roadway because my neighbors who live uphill from me placed a dam in a storm drain with the intention of doing just that. Ganges Township was also working with them making sure that the storm drain going down in front of my friends home, Blanche Hudson, had the heaviest amount of water in it. This is an intentional crime by government in partnership with the two men who blocked the storm drain to injure me for auditing their elections.

This is a crime in Michigan to endanger both life and property by diverting water out of a natural drain so that it floods your neighbors properties. I called 911 and told the operator what had happened, and asked for a police report to be made on it. She assured me that they would have to do it if no other reason, so that I could file an insurance claim against the company that insures my property.

A short while later, Blanche told me a police car was out front. I walked out to file my report. Meanwhile, Blanche received a telephone call inside from the 911 operator. She asked Blanche if the trooper was there, and Blanche told her that I was out front talking to him. She asked Blanche if she could get him to go to his radio in the car. She then hung up. While I was talking to the trooper he got a telephone call on his cell phone, and I saw his whole expression change. After he hung up, I took him across the street and showed him the dam my neighbors placed in the storm drain where the water comes out of Ms Hudson’s culvert under her driveway. I said this was causing my property to flood, and it washed away $1,200 or topsoil I had placed in my yard where a new drain field for my septic system was placed. He said no, the only reason I am being flooded is because my house is at the bottom of a hill. I again pointed directly at the dam. He said the same thing.

I now asked him if he had a business card. He said no. I went and got a pad of paper and a pencil, and asked him for his name and badge number. He replied “no”. I said what do you mean “no”, you are a policeman hired to serve the community, and when asked for your name and badge number, you are required to give it to me. He then thought about it, and finally said: “Theodore, Trooper Theodore, that is all I am going to give you.” It was obvious to me that his cell phone call had been from the 911 operator, who informed him that he should do nothing for me.

I liked Trooper Theodore, and felt sorry that our government has reached into the depths of corruption so far that they are putting good, hard working individuals like him into such a compromising position.

Attached yard where the top soil was washed away

Driveway where the storm water pushed down to my drain plugging it.

Storm drain in front of Ms Hudson’s going through the culvert under her driveway.

Dam placed where the water comes out of Ms Hudson’s culvert under her driveway

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