Elections Controlled by

Modems, Not Voters

By Pat Foster

It all started in 2008 when a friend asked me run against Joyce Watts, the Republican County Clerk. As an experienced candidate who ran for county commissioner in 2006, and former treasurer of the Allegan County Democratic Party, I knew that both the Democratic Party and the Republican County Clerk were not going to allow me to put my name before the voters. They would put someone who is an insider up to run against me in the primary, and no matter how many people liked me, I would lose the primary election. With that in mind, I waited to the last day for registration, and at the final hour, I submitted my application to run as the Democratic candidate for county clerk in the 2008 General Election against Ms. Watts, the incumbent. My own party shunned me, and gave more time to Republican candidates than to me.

I campaigned extensively throughout the county, and had my campaign signs in many Republican yards next to signs for Kevin Cronin who was running for the circuit court seat. He was a favorite of many Republicans because he was running against William Bailargeon who had been appointed by the Democratic governor be the circuit court judge until an election could be held. While judges and justices are not supposed to be partisan, they are generally recognized with one party or the other. I met Mr. Cronin in the Goose parade in Fennville, and when the parade was over, we walked back to our automobiles together. To say the least, I was very impressed with him. Even though I was a democrat, I voted for him.

When the election was over, I only took just over 36% of the vote, and Joyce Watts got the majority. Ms. Watts had admitted after the 2006 election at a recount hearing on my election, that there were modems on the new tabulators that counted the votes, and she could access those modems by telephone after these tabulators were tested and sealed. That was the first part of a federal election law called HAVA or Help Americans Vote Act that was passed in 2002 putting modems on the tabulators so they could supposedly send the results to the clerk faster than having the local clerks call the county clerk with the results.  HAVA makes no provisions to audit these elections throughout the country, unless someone requests a recount. If the vote totals are changed by telephone by either the clerk or now the Russians, those elections totals are accepted as correct.

My new friend, Kevin Cronin had won his election by a very close margin, so there was a recount requested by Mr. Bailargeon, because so many democrats demanded it. I attended that recount, and prior to the recount starting, I photographed many of the security seals on the ballot containers

Mr. Bailargeon had so many volunteers that he had the two volunteers counting at each table. Mr. Cronin only had one volunteer, Jason Watts, the son of the county clerk. Under HAVA, the security of the ballot container is in the hands of the county clerk, the person who has the ability to change the vote totals by telephone during the election. I volunteered my services to Mr. Cronin, and he very politely refused my services saying that he had enough volunteers with Jason Watts.

 I was required by Sue McRill from the State Bureau of Elections to stand against the wall during the election. Jason Watts did not count any ballots, he came over to were I was standing, and stood right in front of me. I took out my camera, turned it on, and put out my zoom lens to see if I could photograph a ballot. At that point Jason started to jump up down in front of me so that I could not photograph any of the ballots. I made my point. Numerous other people standing against the wall that day saw what was happening, and they were all astonished by what they were looking at.

After the recount was completed, 53% of the precincts could not be counted because there were either too many ballots in the ballot containers, or the security seals had been compromised. This is a common event in recounts that are requested after HAVA came into effect.

After years of just wanting to forget about our elections, I was attacked by professional stalkers that had complete government protection, and during that process, I revisited the seals that I had photographed at the beginning of that recount. Fillmore township, that has a strong Republican leaning showed a seal that was pulled up loosely so that someone could cut it open, compromise the ballots, and then pull it up tight like it was a secure ballot container. Wayland Township’s security seal had actually been cut indicating that this ballot container had been compromised. Both Fillmore and Wayland Townships had been accepted  by the Michigan Bureau of Elections even though 11 others had been disqualified because of compromised security seals.



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U.S. Supreme Court Approves

Payoffs to Elected Officials

By Pat Foster

January 30, 2018, I filed a Petition for a Writ of Certiorari before the U.S. Supreme Court to answer one question: “Do litigants have the right through discovery to see the campaign finance bank accounts of elected officials kept from public view by statute?”  The Court denied my petition April 16, 2018 which they do to the majority of petitions filed with them. In this case there is an important legal principle involved that turns their denial or silence on the issue into an approval of the law that allows these elected officials to continue selling out our country. The Latin term is “Qui tacet consentire videtur, ubi loqui debuit ac potuit”, which translates to “He who is silent, when he ought to have spoken and was able, is taken to agree.”

While the U.S. Supreme Court was silent, the Michigan Supreme Court was silent twice. I had requested to see these accounts which were denied with no explanation by two circuit court judges, and three appellate court justices. Judge Cronin of Allegan County was the judge who started this action was served another request to produce Oct. 30, 2017, and declined to answer on Nov. 11, 2017. He went home for the holidays, and refused to come back to work after the holidays were over.

While I have not been able to check out every state in the union, those that I have all have secret bank accounts for elected officials. A second source has corroborated that these bank accounts are secret in all states. While other news services have been chasing down “dark money” defined as unlimited contributions to campaign funding, this is a different approach on how our elected officials are selling out their decisions to the highest bidder. Michigan elects both its’ lower court judges, and higher court justices, so justice can well be on the auction block.

How May the Russians be

Connected to Clyde Township?

By Pat Foster

Clyde Township is one of two townships in the State of Michigan that was required to have ballots printed in Spanish. When I looked at the results for Clyde Township and saw that it went 54% for Trump and less than 41% for Clinton, I saw it as a good example of an excellent precinct for audit. The probability of a difference was extremely high.

The Intercept, an International investigative news service published a story in the spring of 2017 shortly after Donald Trump took office as President of the United States. They received from an employee at the National Security Agency (NSA) a report that was corroborated by another insider at the agency that the “Russian General Staff Main Intelligence Directorate, or GRU conducted cyber attacks” against U.S. election system. These attacks were directed at the person in each county that had control of the voter rolls. That is the county clerk, who is also the person who can access the tabulators counting the votes at every precinct by telephone while the election is in process.  On either Oct. 31 or Nov. 1,the GRU sent out 122 emails, which had Trojans embedded in the attachment, which supposedly came from VR Systems, a trusted supplier of voting system registrations. Each county has multiple precincts controlled by the clerk. “Once the user opens up that email [attachment], the attacker has all the same capabilities that the user does.” Since the Allegan County Clerk could go into all of the townships in Allegan County including Clyde after they got the telephone numbers of each tabulator, they had the ability to change the vote for Trump.

Feb. 22, 2017, I mailed a FOIA request to the FOIA coordinator at Clyde Township to come in and photograph the ballots of the 2016 General Election. An appointment was made with Cathy Ptak, the township’s clerk to come in and photograph the ballots on March 6th. When I arrived, Ms. Ptak had a helper with her to flip the ballots while I photographed them. As I was photographing the ballots, I noticed that the ballots for each candidate were all together. The township cast 762 ballots. The order was 137 for Trump, 12 for Clinton, 50 for Trump, 163 for Clinton, 43 for 3rd party, 1 no vote, 103 for Trump, 69 for Clinton, 14 for Trump, 56 for Clinton, 62 for Trump, 13 for Clinton, and 43 for Trump. There was never a Trump, Clinton, Trump vote sequence, so I asked Ms. Ptak and her helper if anyone had sorted these ballots prior to my photographing them. They both swore that nobody touched them until I came in and they made a very big deal about cutting the seal in front of me, like I was the first person to ever see this election since it was conducted in 2016. The sequence of votes says that there is an extremely high probability that the ballots had been sorted prior to my audit, leaving open the probability that there was tampering with the election by the clerk who had control of the ballots.

Ms. Ptak was given the option to show me the actual ballots that were taken out of group of ballots that I photographed. She has been silent, which gives tacet appro I did a FOIA request to the county clerk, Bob Geneski, asking to photograph the various poll books from the 2016 General Election, which included Clyde Township. He has also been silent regarding my request. Robert Mueller, United States Special Counsel investigating the Russian hacking of our elections will be sent my audit. Government, including Mr. Mueller, are aware that elections can be hacked by our government, and he is required to walk on eggshells. The only way you can expect any results will be people talking about it and making it very public. Ms. Ptak is not the only clerk in Allegan County, the State of Michigan, or the other 49 states that are well aware that elections are being stolen. Under the American Rule, their aiding and abetting felons in the commission of a crime subjects them to the same penalties as the people who committed the felony.

Judge Kengis, Allegan County

        Circuit Court Judge

Issued A Quash Order Based On

An Article That Was Here

                  Pat Foster, Editor

Based on that quash order, the editor of this publication has removed that article. The article itself was not quashed, but the transcripts and video from two hearings that Judge Kengis presided over have been quashed.

There is a battle going on between your editor and investigative reporter over the secret campaign finance accounts of elected officials. Almost all Michigan judges and justices are elected, so as a service to the community, this publication is information regarding those accounts to the general public.


   Court of Appeals Motion for Peremptory Reversal

   Brief in support of motion

   Court of Appeals Denial - To be appealed before the Michigan Supreme Court

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