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My name varies during my life depending on exactly how I feel about myself. I was baptized Patrick Joseph Foster named for my grandfathers on both my father and mother’s side. It is an extremely good name, and I was never ashamed of it, for my grandfathers were both very good men. I never felt comfortable in either the male or female groups, and finally came to the conclusion that I fit somewhere in between the two. The Greek philosopher, Aristotle in his Ethics agrees with me. He makes the argument that all people find their virtue on a plane between two vices. That kind of makes male and female extremes a “vice”. I changed my name to Mary Pat Foster, which forced me to address the issue as I go through life. It was the Michigan Court of Appeals that showed me that I really needed to have that difference right in my name, so they called me to give oral argument as “Mary Patrick Foster.” My first thought was this is bigoted of them, then I realized that a court of such stature would not do that. They were exactly right. I needed to have both Mary and Patrick in my life.

The West Michigan News Company had it’s origins in a newsletter I produced for the Democratic Club of West Michigan. The club was made up of local citizens who met to try to make a difference in their own communities. That got me into government, and what government should be all about. That is exactly what Voter Verified Elections (Vvvotes.org) is all about. While that is a non-profit corporation intended to help people do just that for themselves. The power of government should not be in the hands of the few who control our country, and we don’t even know who they are. We just get some joker every four years to vote for, and if we make a mistake, there is always somebody in government who will notice that you voted for the wrong joker, and change your vote. That is the reason for vvvotes.org.

The concept of logical news came from my student days at Roosevelt University. Most of my life, I just got by in school without ever excelling. At Roosevelt, I was top of my class with straight A’s in every business subject I took. I solved problems while at the school, that no other student in the history of the school had ever been able to solve. I guess we are all born with different gifts. Mine is logic, or the search for truth. All my life I looked at things differently than most people, and wondered why people did not see what appeared to be so obvious to me. Today, I understand, and bring you logical truths that are backed up by facts. In a world of propaganda and spin, most people are thoroughly confused. People who control like it that way.

My audits and investigations have found that not everybody in government wants it to be so corrupt, but they are all stuck with laws that create conflicts of interest for them to do just that. You want to help, you can volunteer to set up voter groups in your own communities, and help support both the West Michigan News Company and Voter Verified Elections.

Thank you!

Mary Patrick Foster, Editor, CPA


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