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Allegan County Circuit Court

  Pictures above are taken from your editor being pressured by government. They put a fence on the road I use, and filled in a storm drain and planted flowers in it. Then they said you can’t do anything to us because everybody is on our side.

The Honorable Judge Kevin Cronin

Secretary of State’s  statement of organization naming United Bank in Hopkins, Michigan as his official depository. He was elected to his seat on the circuit court in the 2008 General Election. Upon taking the bench in 2009, he opted out of filing his campaign finance reports on 1/27/2009, and filed no other reports, leaving the bench after the holidays at the end of 2017.


I first met Judge Cronin in 2008 when I was running for County Clerk as a Democrat, and he was running for the Circuit Court seat. We walked back to our cars together after both marching in the Goose parade in Fennville. I knew his opponent, William Bailargeon very well, who was backed by the Democrats. My impression of him was very positive, and I always thought I would like to break bread with him and just talk. Because of that impression, I voted for him. That was the last time I dealt with him until he was named the judge in Hudson/Foster v. Kluessendorf/Benson. Because of my actions in auditing the election he won in a recount, our attorney moved for a change of venue. He denied that motion, which left me with a positive feeling that he would be fair. He was not fair. He ruled entirely for defendants, and against us on every action.

I believe in a very good man, but was possibly corrupted by a law that allows elected officials to keep secret their campaign finance bank accounts. I believe this is true of many people sitting on the bench today in every state of the union. After filing a Petition for a Writ of Certiorari before the U.S. Supreme Court asking “Do litigants have the right through discovery to see the campaign finance bank accounts of elected officials kept from public view by statute (MCL 15.243(1)[r]?  After filing the petition, Judge Cronin quit prematurely quit the bench. I am immensely sorry he did that. I still think he is a very good man, and if people ever wake up to the laws that allow corruption, we could have a better world, and he would make an excellent judge. It is bad laws that allow the corruption of otherwise good people. We as a country need to vote in our own elections that are separate from government control as our founding fathers make very clear in our U.S. Constitution, Article II, Section 1.