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Government is Upset by Election Audit

By Pat Foster

This is a story about how a very corrupt government used its’ powers to literally try to destroy me for auditing their elections. You may find it very humorous, which for the most part looking back at it, I can certainly see the humor.

First, I audited Allegan Counties 2008 General Election, and I have legal standing to bring this issue to court. I ran as a Democrat for the position of county clerk. The first thing you need to understand about elections is that the county clerk is the main person at the county level who controls elections.

My opponent was Joyce Watts, the Republican incumbent who held that position for around 40 years. When I ran, the clerk had new tabulators to count the votes that they purchased after the 2004 General Election. These new tabulators were the result of President Bush’s Help America Vote Act passed in 2002 after the fiasco in Florida with the vote for Al Gore. They needed some real help, because the old method of cheating involved the clerks changing the absentee ballots before putting them into the tabulators to be counted. They wanted to take the clerks out of the cheat, so they put modems on the tabulators so that on election day, the clerk could access all of tabulators by telephone and change the votes to anything they wanted it to be. The problem with this method was that the ballots voted did not agree with the official totals because those totals had been changed.

There was a recount for the Circuit Court seat after the 2008 General Election, and under state law, the clerk who could change the ballots was given the responsibility of watching over all of the ballot containers until the date of the recount. The recount was between Kevin Cronin and William Baillargeon for  the Circuit Court seat. Mr. Baillargeon was backed by the gay community, and actually had a lot of support by Democrats throughout Allegan County. He asked for 49 precincts to be counted, and 25 precincts could not be counted. Fourteen precincts were thrown out for too many ballots in the ballot container, and eleven precincts for improperly attached seals.

Two of the seals I photographed from Fillmore and Wayland Townships are shown below:

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Fillmore’s seal was exactly left like the election administrator had placed it on the ballot container during the canvass at the end of the election. Like a garbage tie, it was placed on the container loose, so that it could be cut and the contents of the container could be tampered with to change the election results to agree with the official totals. The second picture is Wayland’s seal that shows that the smooth end of the seal was cut indicating that the precinct totals were possibly compromised. Since the Michigan Bureau of Elections accepted both of these seals, while rejecting 11 others, it is a strong indication that their was collusion between them and the party that compromised the totals under Joyce Watts control.

Mr. Cronin won the recount by a close margin with the help on only one volunteer, Jason Watts, the son of Joyce Watts.

Judge's Recount totals.pdf