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Proposed Federal Civil Lawsuit Against theState of Michigan, Ganges Township, and the defendants in Hudson/Foster v. Kleussendorf/Benson/Party X

Pat Foster

This page is designed specifically for law firms that may want to represent Pat Foster in his lawsuit against the State of Michigan, etal. I believe I have an extremely good case that if presented to a jury, would return an extremely high dollar damage award. The reason I believe this is because all of our evidence presented to the Michigan courts has been completely ignored, and not addressed. What the state court system did in denying all of our motions is present an extremely good case to a federal jury for damages.

This case stems from an audit of the 2008 General Election in Allegan County in which I was the Democratic candidate for County Clerk against Joyce Watts, the Republican incumbent clerk for around 40 years. I did not request a recount, because I had run for county commissioner in 2006, and requested a recount then.  Joyce Watts chaired the counties board of election commissioners in a hearing to determine if I would get a recount. During that hearing, Joyce Watts admitted in questioning by Karen Wellman that she could access each tabulator’s modem by telephone after the machines had been tested and sealed. Ms. Watts had the opportunity on election day to call the modems on all of the tabulators in Allegan County and change the vote totals.

There was a recount for the circuit court seat between Kevin Cronin and William Bailargeon. Mr. Bailargeon had over two counters for each of the 18 tables counting ballots, while Mr. Cronin only had one volunteer, who was the son of Ms. Watts. She was also given the responsibility to secure all of the requested recount ballots until the day of the recount. I volunteered to help Mr. Cronin count the ballots. He told me he had enough volunteers.

Aug. 23, 2009, I put together 5 teams of volunteers to photograph the ballots of the 2008 General Election. Jan. 10, 2010, two men purchased the property uphill and across the street from me. They placed a fence on the physical, private road with Recreation Development Subdivision No. 1 (RDS1), and blocked a drainage ditch going through their property. During this period of time, one of them filed a predatory PPO against me. He committed multiple felonies against me like perjury before the chief judge, and creating doctored evidence. I put the evidence I had against him, and attempted to file it with the MSP, but declined and refused to even write up a police report based on my request.

I filed a civil suit against these two men with a close friend, Blanche Hudson who owned the property adjacent to theirs. Judge Cronin was assigned to the case. He denied every motion we filed, and he accepted every motion that defendants filed. Their legal argument for summary disposition was based upon an expert witness report prepared from defendants’ hearsay statement. The court in granting SD, intentionally misquoted my affidavit to make it look like I was solely responsible for have the ditch dug in the defendants’ front yard. See:

Motion for Peremptory Reversal

Brief in support



Legal Basis for the federal lawsuit

The lower courts, the Court of Appeals, and the Michigan Supreme Court have all participated in a judicial taking of plaintiffs’ prescriptive property rights to real property without just compensation in violation Amendment V of the U.S. Constitution. They then assessed sanctions against us for attempting to protect our rights. Those sanctions constitute extortion by the government of a citizens who would question the political theft of elections in our country.

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Party X

Party X is unknown, yet we know this party exists from the defendants’ attorney’s affidavit to support sanctions against us. There are 34 entries made in his billing to “clients representative.” This Party controls not only the Michigan Judiciary, but the Michigan State Police. My felony complaints against John Thomas Benson for four counts of perjury while under direct questioning by Judge Bakker, and preparing doctored evidence could not even get the MSP to accept a complaint. That means we are living in a country where some citizens can commit felonies like murder with complete impunity.

Update of Federal Suit

The legal team now consists of two attorneys. One is a federal criminal attorney with around 30 years experience, while the other is a young, brilliant attorney who is now making waves. Damages are estimated at $500,000,000. There is a lot of room for other brave attorneys wanting to change our system. If you are interested give me a call at (269) 561-5268.  Pat Foster