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The Honorable Margaret Z. Bakker

Michigan Committee Statement of Organization indicates that her official depository is at the 5th Third Bank in Allegan Michigan. She was elected in 2010, but did not file a waiver for filing her campaign finance reports until July 18, 2014.

The Honorable Roberts Kengis

Judge Kengis has never been elected to a circuit court seat, but he had been elected in 2016 as the Prosecuting Attorney. He served 25 years under Fred Andersen, a highly respected prosecutor. After Judge Cronin prematurely retired from the bench, Governor Snyder appointed him. He has a Statement of Organization filed with the Allegan County Clerk that shows an official depository with the Fifth Third Bank. Probably the one in Allegan County.

    Since he has never run for a seat on the court, he has not yet waived the filing of his campaign finance reports.


The Michigan Secretary of State has blocked my access to research the public database of campaign finance reports. I need some volunteers to help. You can call me at (269) 561-5268.